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Artist Resources

Please find below a range of resources and opportunities in Rhode Island that are regular and ongoing.

If your organization has a relevant listing, please email us at interlacefund@gmail.com. We will respond within one week’s time.


Creative Fellowship

Amount: $1500 + $500 materials budget

Number awarded annually: 1

Application Deadline: TBD Summer 2022

Supported by Rhode Island Foundation & Administered by Rhode Island Foundation
Amount: $25,000

Number awarded annually: 3 (Applications to Visual Art, Writing and Music disciplines alternate and are accepted every 3 years) 

Application Deadline: August 9, 2021 for applications in Writing 

Offers a Variety of Fellowship Opportunities

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. It is recommended that artists apply at least 6 months in advance.

Community Health Worker Fellowships

This pilot program is designed to support artists to become Rhode Island-Certified Community Health Workers

Amount: $6,000 stipend

Application Deadline: TBD for 2021 

Amount: $10,000

Number awarded annually: 1

Application Deadline: TBD for 2022

Amount: 1 $5000 and 1 $1000 award per fellowship category annually 

Number awarded annually: 1 fellowship and 1 merit award. 
Discipline categories: Crafts, Film & Video, Folk Arts, Fiction, Poetry, Play/Screenwriting, Photography, 3-Dimensional art, Choreography, Drawing & Printmaking, Music Composition, New Genres, Painting, 

Application Deadline: April 1 and October 1 annually

Project Grants

Amount $2000

Number awarded annually: 5

Application Deadline: June 15 annually

Project Grants 

Amount: $500-$4000

Number awarded: Approx. $150,000 worth of grants will be awarded annually

Application Deadline: Applications accepted in October for projects occurring January - June 2022

Amount: $500 or under

Number awarded annually: 

Application Deadline: Rolling; expect a response within 30 days

Amount: $2000-$6000

Amount awarded annually: $50,000

Application Deadline: September 19, 2021

Amount: $500-$3,000

Amount awarded annually: 

Application Deadline: April 1 & October 1 annually

Emergency & Need-Based Grants

Amount awarded: Up to $500
Application Deadline: TBD Rolling 

Academic Art Galleries & Museums

Commercial Galleries in Rhode Island Representing Local Artists

Exhibition Spaces


Low-cost residence in houses in Providence Parks

Duration: 2 years

Micro-residencies provide 1-3 months studio access free of charge.

Affordable Artist Housing & Studio Space

Public Art Competitions 

Providence Depart of Art, Culture & Tourism
Public Art Ideas Competition 

Amount: $10,000

Number awarded annually: TBD 

Application Due Date: TBD 

Providence Depart of Art, Culture & Tourism
Mural project residency at Public Housing 

Amount: TBD

Number award annually: TBD 

Application Due Date: TBD

Providence Depart of Art, Culture & Tourism
PVD Fest Public Art Installation

Amount: $7,500

Number awarded annually: 3

Application Due Date: 

Calls for mural and sculpture public art

Amount: Varies

Number awarded annually: Varies

Application Due Date: TBD Rolling

Stipend-Based Projects 

Amount: $225

Number annually: 8


Visit their Job Board for industrial arts commissions 

Latest Opportunities

Opportunities and notices shared here are time-sensitive and/or deadline based.