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Project Grants

Interlace Project Grants support the creation and public presentation of new work by Providence-area artists, artist collectives, and other artist-directed projects.


Interlace Project Grants range from $4000 to $6000 and support artist-driven projects in the Providence area. 

Interlace prioritizes the making of new visual artworks that expand the public’s understanding of the visual arts, especially through unexpected collaborations.
The intended outcome of Interlace Project Grants is to make visible often unseen and under-supported artistic activity and to cultivate engaged communities around this work, via collaborations in process and/or presentation.
Please see the Project Grant FAQs section for more detail.

Project - Overview

Funded activities may include
(but are not limited to): 


  • The creation of a new body of visual artwork with a publicly accessible component 

  • A public event, performance, or intervention

  • A site-specific and/or public-facing art project 

  • A new exhibition or exhibition series 

  • A screening, lecture, broadcast, or workshop series

  • Publications, including printed and digital formats

  • Experimental forms and more

What type of projects will not be funded?

  • Projects not led by an artist or artist collective 

  • Projects that are not presented to the public in the Providence area (see map

  • Projects proposed by a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization 

  • Projects proposed by incorporated businesses 

  • Projects proposed by students 

  • Projects in which the lead applicant* lives outside of the Providence area (see map) or in which all artists/organizers reside outside of Providence-area (see map

  • Applications for the express purpose of renting studio space, professional development (classes, services), travel expenses, the purchase or rental of equipment, or hiring of services not otherwise associated with a public project that meets the above criteria.

  • Large projects where Interlace funding would only cover a portion of the funds needed to complete the project. Interlace Project Grants should be the primary source of funding for the proposed project.


*Applications for Interlace Project Grants must have a lead applicant even if a collective or group of artists apply. If awarded a grant, the lead applicant will be required to accept the grant in their name by submitting a W-9. Funding is then disbursed to that person and a 1099 issued in their name. The lead applicant is also responsible for submitting the final report.

Information Sessions, Workshops, & More





Review & Selection Process

An independent panel reviews and selects projects for funding. The multi-person panel includes national and local artists, curators, and/or arts professionals.  All panelists review and rank each proposal based on project originality, clarity of application materials, and commitment to Interlace's priorities of visual art, collaboration, and engagement.


Interlace will share details about the jury upon announcement of Project Grant awardees.

Project - Timeline


August 16, 2022

Project Grant applications open

September 7, 2022

Grant Writing Mentorship Program applications due (see below for details, under Application Process)

September 19, 2022

Early Review deadline (see below for details, under Application Process)

October 11, 2022

Deadline for project grant applications (Tuesday October 11, 11:59pm EST)

December 2022

Applicants notified and funds
disbursed (90%)

December 2022 - January 2023

Grantees publicly announced
+ awards ceremony

December 2022 - March 2024

Awardee co-hort check-ins

By March 31, 2024

Project final reports due (10% distributed at review of final report)


Who is eligible for an Interlace Project Grant?

You must answer 'yes' to all of the following statements:

• I currently live within the 10-mile radius of Providence and in the state of Rhode Island.

• I am a practicing visual artist capable of providing examples of creative work made within the last two years.

• I am 18 years of age or older.

• I am not a full-time student/enrolled in a degree program.

• I have resided in the Providence area of the state of Rhode Island since at least October 2021 and will be a resident upon receipt of grant funding.

• I have not received an Interlace Project Grant as a lead applicant in the last two years.

Project - Eligibility
Project - Application

Application Process


Applications for Interlace Project Grants will include

  • Contact information

  • Project information (project title, synopsis, paragraph biographies of lead applicant and collaborators)

  • Project details (overall project description and responses to questions about the project’s relationship to the visual arts, collaboration, and engagement)

  • Budget

  • Visual support materials 

To see application questions before logging into Submittable, please see the documents linked below this section ("Project Grant Application Questions & Instructions" and "Project Grant Budget Form"). 

NEW IN 2022: Proposal Writing Support

We have two new supports for applicants in 2022:

1) Early Review (Deadline: September 19)

Submit a draft of your application (in Submittable) on or before September 19 and email to let us know you would like feedback. We will review your draft, offer feedback, and give you the opportunity to re-submit a new version.


If you submit a draft after September 19 and would like feedback, we will do our best to provide it but cannot guarantee it if the deadline has passed.

2) Interlace Grant Writing Mentorship Program (Deadline: September 9)

While there are certainly artists who build careers without ever writing a grant, grants can be a useful way to gather helpful resources and feedback for a variety of creative endeavors. Even when a grant is not awarded, the processes of articulating ideas, refining a proposal, and mapping out a timeline and budget can be useful for the development of project management skills that all artists at some point or another will need to utilize. 
The Interlace Grant Writing Mentorship Program pairs an artist who has written successful grants in the past with an artist who is newer to grant writing. Mentors will help Emerging and Mid-Career Artists (“Mentees”) with 2 to 3 application processes, one of which should be an Interlace Project Grant. 


To learn more visit

Project Grant Budget Form
(Google Sheet) 

Project - FAQs
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